Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What is Green Programming?

This is just an initial post.

Green programming is an attempt to synthesize the principals of environmentally sound policy and the Agile Software set. IOW, just like we should aspire to use renewable energy sources to help the health of the planet, we should also use reusable software elements to create robust, healthy code for our customers. Eco-friendly practices might be thought of as applicable to software devlopment. Just as we are concerned with the various biota and climate of the planet, we should be concerned with the over-all health of the software eco-system. I am specifically concerned with threats to free and open source software from patents and copyright concerns.

Actually, I just needed a title and domain, so I thought I might ride the currently fashionable "Green" movement. Please forgive my impetuousness.


arunachalesha said...

i think you mean "environmentally" on top, unless i am missing some pun, or my eyes r playing tricks. (it says "evironmentally")

Ed Howland said...

Thanks for catching that typo!. It was so small my eyes missed it.

Are you a Ruby or Rails programmer?

arunachalesha said...

I was a java programmer for many years (and loved it!). I guess i don't need to say much about finally getting bored :-). However, i have retired from software and am into what some may call a spiritual or hermetic life.
I still check slashdot and other sites, and ROR caught my eye. (I had once made and used an application generator in Java. My first java program was and after that i also did ).

Tried ROR out, tried out ruby and loved it.

Thought i might play with ruby a bit and make something useful. However, at this point it seems that the hermetic life will win over ruby :-(

Keep up your good work.